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Fairfax Wine & Spirits is adjacent to Marczyk Fine Foods at Colfax and Fairfax. Back in the 30’s this building was a Safeway store, and when you enter FW&S, look down and admire the original quarter sawn oak floors from the Safeway!

We opened in 2010, and customers found it most convenient to be able to pop next door to Marczyk’s and pick up dinner to go with their wine. From the very first day to today, we’re happy to carry “The Best Wines You’ve Never Heard Of”. (We know, not proper English, but fun). We made our Denver wine shop reputation with inexpensive wines from small producers. “Obscure producers” as Westword described them. Most of the wine the world buys is to drink that day, so why not feature really cool wines for $12.99? We also carry beer and spirits, from PBR to crazy hoppy sours.  Spirits from Laws, Leopolds, Colorado Vodka, and Bulleit fill our shelves, plus affordable vermouths and ingredients for all your favorite cocktails.

And wine with food? Of course! What grows together goes together. Find our suggestions on our Fairfax Wine & Spirits Facebook page and Instagram.

Marczyk Fine Foods, just 1 step away from the wine shop, is known for its Niman Ranch meats, delicious deli sandwiches, beautiful produce, and the best ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the perfect place to find fine food in Denver! And what better compliment to Fine Food than Fine Wine? Pick up dinner and a bottle, easy!


People ask us all the time “Where did you get that picture of the drinking lady?” Her name was Maidi Miles, and she was the owner’s mother-in-law. The family lived in Rome, and the picture was taken one picnic day outside of the city in 1958. Maidi attended the Chicago Art Institute, and carried her camera with her everywhere. Really, what are the chances of finding a photo that cool when you’re planning a wine shop? Fairfax Wine & Spirits got lucky!


Be in the know at Fairfax Wine & Spirits! When are the free tastings? How about special pricing, cool events? Other Denver liquor stores try to thrill you, but they aren’t as fun as Fairfax Wine & Spirits. Come on, dive in, join now and receive a coupon for $10 off your next purchase of $50 (or more) that will be good for 2 weeks!

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