Need Wine for a Very Important Football Game (TM)?

"A thousand cups of wine do not suffice when true friends meet, but half a sentence is too much when there is no meeting of minds." —Chinese Proverb We know that four or five of you — possibly up to seven — will be watching the Very Important Football Game™ on Sunday. Don't let anyone tell you that the VIFG™ is a beer-only event. People have been watching the VIFG™ while drinking wine for well over 600 years, and of course we didn't fact-check that claim so be sure to grab some of these very chuggable wines for the [...]

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Seth is going all organic Italian on you

Capezzana Conte Contini Bonacossi Barco Reale Di Carmignano (that's easy for you to say) Rosso Tuscany, Italy $18.99/bottle This wine is a blend of organically grown Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Canaiolo. It is an awesome food-pairing wine — it goes with everything from lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, lamb, charcuterie, sausages, to even duck. It has delicious flavors of warm bing cherries, blackberries, savory herbs, and earthy notes on the finish. It's medium-bodied with a balanced acidity and firm tannins. Snag a bottle the next time you decide on Italian for dinner! Friends & Family Deals Bottle Discounts: 3 bottles: 5% [...]

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Raina has a French Sauv Blanc for your Spicy Dishes

Click edit button to change this text. Domaine Cedrick Bardin Pouilly Fumé Pouilly-sur-Loire, France $26.99/bottle Calling all Loire Valley lovers! This 100% organic Sauvignon Blanc, with its aromas of citrus, mandarin and peach, will have you dreaming of a warm summer day. It hits your palate with a crisp and clean dry finish, dominated by a pleasing minerality. This Pouilly Fumé is fantastic with goat cheese or shell fish, but I highly recommend pairing this beauty with your favorite spicy dish: Try this Sauv Blanc with chicken tikka masala on a cold winter night, and say "welcome" to [...]

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Seth has something special for your dry January – and for your not-dry January

Phony Negroni Non-Alcoholic Cocktail This non-alcoholic Negroni is next-level. Seriously! It has the traditional bitterness you'd expect from a Negroni, and the slight carbonation helps to imitate the bite you typically get from the alcohol. It's delicious guilt-free indulgence, and it's something I highly recommend! Even if you're not participating in Dry January, this stuff makes a delicious lower ABV spritz when added to your favorite bubbly. Plus, the bottle just looks awesome. St. Agrestis Phony Negroni $5.99/200mL The Family Jones Automatic Jones Earl Grey Negroni The Automatic Jones premium pre-made cocktails have always been incredible, and the newest [...]

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Thank you… and a special case deal.

Dear loyal (wine shop) customers, As 2023 draws to a close, we want to thank each and every one of you for your business. In March, you were offered a lot more choices for wine purchases — as in...1400 more choices. So each time you come through our doors, you are keeping an independent wine shop in business. Thank you! We wanted to share with you this wonderful email (see below) that we received from one of our best and favorite wine purveyors, Château Carbonneau, in Pessac-sur-Dordogne, France. If you ever want to visit a winery, pick this one! [...]

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December Wines of the Month

You can relax now. We have your holiday wines all figured out. "Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures." —Michael Broadbent Cedric Bardin Coteaux Du Giennois Rouge Loire Valley, France Château Saint Sernin Malbec De Calcaire Cahors, France CEDRIC BARDIN This Wine Is Incredible! A superb blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay. Notes of cherry, pipe tobacco, cassis, and a hint of evergreen to finish. This wine really delivers. It's medium-bodied, complex, and great with so many different dishes! Pairings: grilled red meats, nutty cheeses with a fresh baguette and [...]

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November Wines of the Month

Wines that are Curated to Compliment Thanksgiving Atlantique Sauvignon Blanc Loire Valley, France Baronnie de Montgaillard Syrah Pays D'OC, France ATLANTIQUE All hands on deck! A truly stunning Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. It's vibrant and dry, with mouth-watering notes of citrus, tropical fruits, pear, gooseberry, hay, and minerals. PAIRINGS: antipasto platters; grilled shrimp; sushi; fish and chips; simple and fresh pasta dishes with olive oil, lemon, and basil pesto. Friends & Family: $15.99/btl (reg $19.99/btl) • 3 bottles: $15.19/btl • 6 bottles: $14.39/btl • 12 bottles: $13.59/btl BARONNIE DE MONTGAILLARD Go ahead and grab an extra bottle or two [...]

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The Holiday Red That Goes With Everything

Sottimano Dolcetto d'Alba $19.99/bottle Andrea Sottimano is one of the finest winemakers in Italy, and by extension, the world. However, his Dolcetto is admittedly not for everyone — your Chardonnay-only drinkers will not love it, nor will your big fat juicy red-wine-only drinkers. Dolcetto is aptly named (from the Italian, dolce, for "soft" or "sweet," not sugary, but as in the English "dulcet"). It is Piemonte's gulpable wine — spicy, grapey, dark chocolate-y, and low in tannin. For all its juicy, plush softness, Dolcetto can be lively, spry even, especially if it retains some of the grape's native acidity. [...]

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Barbara has a change-of-season sparkler for you.

Fleuraison Blanc de Blancs Languedoc-Roussillon, France $15.99/bottle I love this time of year when the garden is strutting its end-of-season stuff! Sunny days, cool nights — let's celebrate with this wonderful sparkler. Fleuraison Blanc de Blancs: Spanish grapes but made in France. HELLO, what's not to love!? Delicious, rich and dry, and at this price — just buy a case so when the winter winds blow, you can remember this perfect time of year. Friends & Family Deals Bottle Discounts: 3 bottles: 5% off 6 bottles: 10% off 12 bottles: 15% off Happy Hour Enjoy an extra 5% volume discount [...]

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Kerry is dealing with bad bunnies

"The damned rabbits" that inspire this cheeky name and label are cute, but a real threat to the Tempranillo vines from which this wine is made. Despite the "work" of these bad bunnies, the winemakers have crafted an incredibly delicious and enjoyable wine. Los Conejos Malditos balances bright fruit flavors of cranberries, cherries and plums, with alluring acidity, light tannins, and a touch of earthiness. You can serve this wine slightly chilled, if you'd like, and pair it with cured meats, sausage pizza, slow-smoked barbecue, or even wild game. Do yourself a favor: Get at least three bottles and [...]

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