About Jacob Barnes

Hello! My name is Jacob, and I'm a born and raised Tennessean who just moved to Denver in 2023. When I'm not working at the wine shop, you can probably find me somewhere running, hiking, reading, watching baseball, walking my dog, or having a beer at a local craft brewery. Whether you need something to pair with an elaborate meal or a lazy Sunday afternoon, I'm positive we'll be able to help you find something tasty to sip on!

Jacob has a brewed in Denver, Vienna-style lager for you.

Cerebral Brewing Character Reference Vienna-Style Lager Denver, CO $3.49/can This amber-colored, malt-forward, easy-drinking lager features flavor notes of honey, toasted almond and caramel, all combining with a pleasant noble hop crispness that makes Character Reference a perfect beer to sip around the campfire. It's also incredibly food-friendly: Pair it with corned beef and cabbage if you aren't in the mood for an Irish stout, or use it to wash down some biscotti if you’re feeling too lazy to make a cup of tea. Friends & Family Deals Bottle Discounts: 3 bottles: 5% off 6 bottles: 10% off 12 bottles: [...]

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Jacob has a Plisner that Pairs with the Great Outdoors

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company Ancient Palms West Coast Pilsner Straight Outta Denver $3.99/can OMF’s Ancient Palms is the perfect beer to sip on any sunny Denver day. Though it’s crisp and clean like a German Pilsner, it trades noble hops for American hops to create an appetizing aroma of tropical and citrus fruits. Subtle stone fruit flavors and a refreshingly hoppy, bitter finish come together to make Ancient Palms a great beer to wash down fried fish tacos or a bratwurst with fries and curry ketchup. Also pairs very well with rooftop decks. Friends & Family Deals Bottle [...]

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