December Wines of the Month

You can relax now. We have your holiday wines all figured out.

“Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.”
—Michael Broadbent

Cedric Bardin
Coteaux Du Giennois Rouge
Loire Valley, France

Château Saint Sernin
Malbec De Calcaire
Cahors, France

This Wine Is Incredible!
A superb blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay. Notes of cherry, pipe tobacco, cassis, and a hint of evergreen to finish. This wine really delivers. It’s medium-bodied, complex, and great with so many different dishes!

Pairings: grilled red meats, nutty cheeses with a fresh baguette and butter, roast beef, grilled vegetables, bibimbap, asian style salads.

• 3 bottles: $16.14/btl
• 6 bottles: $15.29/btl
• 12 bottles: $14.44/btl

It’s Malbec Time!
Complex is the name of the game here. Cherries and plum up front, followed by dried herbs, black pepper, and a savory meatiness. This Malbec is full-bodied, intense, and has a nice long mineral-driven finish.

Pairings: lamb, steak, sausages, mushrooms, blue cheese, pork tenderloin.

• 3 bottles: $16.14/btl
• 6 bottles: $15.29/btl
• 12 bottles: $14.44/btl

Château Vieux Gabarey
Rouge (50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot)
Haut Médoc. France

Château Lubat
Graves, Bordeaux, France

50% Cabernet Sauvignon + 50% Merlot = 100% Amazing!
A big and earthy Bordeaux that really shines after being opened for a few hours. Notes of dusty dark berries and forest floor, with hints of spices and leather. Classy, dry, and delicious.

Pairings: pot roast, black pepper steak, manchego cheese, roasted potatoes, green bean casserole.

• 3 bottles: $18.99/btl
• 6 bottles: $17.99/btl
• 12 bottles: $16.99/btl

‘Tis The Season To Drink Bordeaux!
This elegant Bordeaux has lush flavors of ripe dark berries, chocolate, toasty spices, and tobacco leaf. Sturdy tannins make this an excellent food-pairing wine!

Pairings: roasted lamb, beef stroganoff, prime rib, smoked duck breast, savory vegetable dishes, charcuterie boards.

• 3 bottles: $18.99/btl
• 6 bottles: $17.99/btl
• 12 bottles: $16.99/btl

John Dapetrosino
Nero D’Avola

Eloquent, Vibrant, Delicious.
A lighter red, with dark fruit up front, followed by notes of plum, black cherry, and mulberries. Finishes with notes of warm spices, cocoa, and fresh tobacco. Silky tannins.

Pairings: rich meaty dishes — grilled burgers, chili, beef or oxtail stew. Also goes great with rich and spicy pasta dishes!

• 3 bottles: $13.29/btl
• 6 bottles: $12.59/btl
• 12 bottles: $11.89/btl

Herbal, Fresh, Elegant.
Notes of citrus blossom, tropical fruits, thyme, grapefruit, minerals, and saline. Medium-bodied, with a medium-high acidity.

Pairings: fried calamari, grilled vegetables, Greek salads with chicken, light pasta dishes, stuffed olives.

• 3 bottles: $13.29/btl
• 6 bottles: $12.59/btl
• 12 bottles: $11.89/btl

Le Grand Valmal
Côtes Du Rhône Villages
Rhône Valley, France

Colombard/Sauvignon Blanc
Côtes De Gascogne, France

Made From old-vine Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvedre.
A big, dark, chewy, and delicious Côtes du Rhône! Floral aromas fade into rich, juicy, red berry flavors, with hints of earth, leather, and oak. An absolutely killer value.

Pairings: grilled meats, hard aged cheeses, hearty stews, game meats, chili, eggplants, mushrooms.

• 3 bottles: $18.04/btl
• 6 bottles: $17.09/btl
• 12 bottles: $16.14/btl

Flavorful, Refreshing, Fruity.
Light and easy-going. Notes of grapefruit, orange peel, stone fruits, melon, pineapple, hay, and minerals. It has a bright acidity, and it’s fruity but dry.

Pairings: shellfish, cured meats, lean fish, spicy foods, goat cheeses, poultry.

• 3 bottles: $9.49/btl
• 6 bottles: $8.99/btl
• 12 bottles: $8.49/btl

Pinot Grigio

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo
Abruzzo, Italy

Your Go-To Affordable Pinot Grigio!
Crisp, light, and dry! Aromas of lemon and green apple, and flavors of pear, ripe stone fruits, and lime. This wine is easy-drinking and super crowd-pleasing!

Pairings: fresh Marczyk mozzarella, fettuccine alfredo, light pastas with shrimp or clams, fish and chips, and even sushi.

• 3 bottles: $11.39/btl
• 6 bottles: $10.79/btl
• 12 bottles: $10.19/btl

Give me pizza or give me…pizza!
Rich and bold dark fruit flavors (blueberries, black cherries, and blackberries) finishing with a subtle vanilla and spice. This wine really delivers above its price point!

Pairings: pizza, spaghetti, beef bolognese, brisket, meatloaf, barbecue — as well as any dish with a rich tomato-based or cheese sauce.

• 3 bottles: $11.39/btl
• 6 bottles: $10.79/btl
• 12 bottles: $10.19/btl

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