The Winery at Château Saint-Sernin

The Saint-Sernin Winery was born in 1619, in Parnac, France, a picturesque village enclosed by a meander in the river Lot, in a lovely valley outside of Cahors, France.

Our relationship with the newest owners, Anne and Heifara, started soon after we opened Marczyk Fine Wines, when we met Phil Sevier. Phil had created relationships with small wineries in France, from Cahors to Beaune, and brought super-affordable wines to Denver. Now Paul Marczyk and his wife, Cheriese, run VinCo, and many of these wines are the ones we started with all those years ago. The Carbonneau Margot, Saint-Sernin Malbec, and Richemer Viognier are just a few of the OG best sellers that have represented The Best Wines You’ve Never Heard Of so well, as many were unique to our stores.

Pete and I were lucky enough to visit with Anne and Fara this past fall at their beautiful winery. We feasted on a few different lamb dishes (local lamb), and enjoyed a few bottles of wine, of course. As is the French way, the lunch lasted for hours!

We toured the winery, which is full of artistically decorated wine barrels and Maori-carved heads. They use the winery as an event space for local charities. A lovely day with family and winemakers!

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Barbara Macfarlane, owner of Marczyk Fine Foods, is always happy when she gets asked to talk about a favorite wine or spirit. "So many wines, so little time. So like our customers, I depend on the crew to tell me what's new, delicious, and noteworthy. It's true, I get stuck on faves, but the new wines coming in the door are so well chosen! So drink up Denver, we've been doing this for 20 years and we know what's cool!"