What Are We Drinking Now? Leopold’s Summer Gin & Kiku Masamune Sake

Marshall is constructing a gorgeously refreshing summer cocktail!

Leopold’s Summer Gin & Kiku Masamune Dry Cup Sake

With the days growing warmer and longer — except for this weekend when they’ll be colder and snowier — I find myself wanting drinks that are more refreshing. One of my go-to cocktails for this time of year is a light, easy-going sipper I call a Spring Rain. For this recipe, I use Leopold’s Summer Gin, Kiku Masamune Dry Cup Sake, Strongwater Lavender Bitters, and club soda.

Leopold’s Summer Gin is an annual release that beautifully embodies the season. This floral gin blends perfectly with the sake and bitters, and while light, it loses nothing of itself to the club soda. The Spring Rain is a simple and refreshing cocktail you’ll want to make again and again.

Spring Rain
• 2oz. Leopold Summer Gin
• 3oz. Kiku Masamune Dry Cup Sake
• Strongwater Lavender Bitters to taste
• Fill with Strongwater club soda

Mix the gin, sake, and bitters in a glass over ice and top with club soda. Pair with sunny days and warm nights.

Leopold’s Summer Gin
Kiku Masamune Dry Cup Sake



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