What Are We Drinking Now? Biecher & Fils Pinot Gris

Kerry is finding a sense of place with this classic Alsace Pinot Gris.

Biecher & Fils Pinot Gris – Alsace, France

Moving to Denver this summer has been exciting, but also somewhat daunting. To cultivate that “feels like home” bond with my new city, I turn to the flavors I grew up with on the Caribbean island of Trinidad (“Trini!”). Cue spicy Indian pav bhaji (mashed vegetable dish) and curry chickpea with a Caribbean flair.

Sunny yellow in the glass, our Jean Biecher & Fils Pinot Gris offers the right touch of sweetness and acidity to soothe and revive the palate. There’s an alluring layer of creaminess to the wine that complements the rich texture of the mashed vegetables. Aromas of white peach, green apples, and Meyer lemon lead to ripe flavors on the palate that provide the perfect foil for this spicy Indian fare.

Biecher & Fils Pinot Gris – Alsace, France



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